For high net worth / family office clients, we assist in addressing diverse wealth management challenges, including successful retirement planning, generational wealth transformation, family-specific solutions, advanced planning and relationship management.


We model our clients' portfolios based on individual criteria: tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, specific asset class preference and other financial goals / measures. In addition, we manage Shikiar Strategic Income and Shikiar Large Cap Core Equity, two focused investment strategies. All portfolios are offered exclusively as separate accounts, thus allowing for customization or personalization as necessary. 

Shikiar Strategic Income 

Shikiar Strategic Income is designed for low-correlated income-generating investments seeking strong risk-adjusted performance. We seek long-term capital appreciation and yield through investments in dividend-paying stocks, high-yield bonds, preferred equities, as well non-traditional equity securities such as MLPs, REITs and BDCs. Investments are opportunistically and strategically invested across the corporate capital structure. Equity securities, both traditional and non-traditional, are invested with the aim of providing capital growth, while fixed income-related securities are invested with the aim of limiting overall volatility, as well as providing additional sources of income generation. We apply thoughtful parameters around allocations to given asset classes, thus allowing the firm the flexibility to take advantage of ever-changing markets and various dislocations that may occur. To learn more about Shikiar Strategic Income, please contact us here.

Shikiar Large Cap Core Equity

Through Shikiar’s Large Cap Core Equity strategy, we approach our investments as owners of businesses, not merely as investors. We invest in well-managed and capitalized companies with sustainable free cash flow generation, attractive dividend yields, meaningful market share, attractive operating margins and other fundamentals. Through active market research and analysis we affirmatively overweight / underweight sectors and industries as appropriate and have zero exposure to industries we find unattractive. To learn more about Shikiar Large Cap Core Equity, please contact us here.